No Matter What

The cool stream trickles
through ice trimmed banks
bubbling over branch and rock
it does this as
winter snows melt
and does it no matter what

The moon goes steadfast
round the planet
exactly as it ought
it cycles round
and round again
and does no matter what

The sun warms well
the shivering earth
without a doubting thought
It shines its light
each day at dawn
and does it no matter what

The stream flows strong
The moon moves oceans
The sun still burns as hot
though you decided
not to trust
I could love no matter what.

I am the stream
the moon, the sun
no matter what you thought
and I loved you
as I said I did
and I will no matter what.


Shadow said…
this is lovely... very romantic!
Cheryl said…
Love it matter what.
The last para is beautiful of all the lines.
Nice poem.

Oh and the moment I saw that image, I was totally surprised because of its extreme similarity with a place we tread on everyday. Even the slope of the ground is similar, save the small sidewall. We call it the Trijunction for obvious reasons.

Blasphemous Aesthete