Memoirs of a Pop Tart! A night on the town!

Lauren and I with John Vatcher, exec. prod. ROD

Allan Hawco with his copy of my book!

What an amazing evening!  A night on the town, Guinness courtesy of the CBC and a chance to meet some of the most creative and fun people in the country!  We started at CBC studios with the taping of George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight and watched an amazing interview with Allan Hawco of Republic of Doyle and then a second interview with renowned Canadian actor Adam Beach who is one of the most unique and impressive individuals I have ever come across.  His emotional description brought a tear to this sap's eye and I have to say, I'm a fan of the man as much as his work.  No photo opportunities but a great way to spend a couple of hours.  Also, George is wonderful.  Exactly the same off the air as on and brilliant...television isn't easy but it is for George.  He's an important voice in this country and I was never as aware of that fact as I am now, after seeing the  man in action!

Then after a quick bite, (curried tofu and pineapple fried rice~delicious) it was off to the premiere of The Republic of Doyle, episode 1, season 2.  A couple pints of Guinness and we were soon fast friends with everyone around us.  All were great company, nearly all from Newfoundland and Lauren and we were fortunate enough to be settled directly across from the CBC crew.  Lauren already knew quite a few of them and they all recognised her from previous encounters.

Allan made his rounds and we chatted.  He remembered Lauren immediately from New Year's eve and we joked that it must have been early in the evening for him to remember anyone!  He was a delight, genuinely pleased with the copy of my book that I gave him and thanked me several times, even coming back after to thank me again.  But busy man, wonder if he'll ever find time to read it! 

Then Perry Chafe walked by so I accosted him and we had a lovely chat.  He is now my friend on Face Book.  We got a picture(which was blurry darnit) and Lauren got an autograph and then he offered to escort us to meet everybody else who was part of the production.  What a great guy and wow, fascinating, friendly and fun people work on that show!  Lauren knew many of them so we chatted for quite a while. 

Our pictures are all over the Republic of Doyle Website and you can check them out HERE .   And below are a few of mine.

The Venue..Red Carpet Time!

One of the most brilliant and funniest people in the country
Ladies in Red! 

My lovely friend Lauren!

The Tart and The Hussy! 

Best pint ever..paid for by your tax dollars!

New friends Rochelle and Pearl!

Yes..I'm touching his bum...

Seamus O'Regan and John Vatcher in the back
There's something about Guinness that makes me happy

Lauren outside CBC Studios
On the red carpet!