The Hussy and the Tart Hit Toronto!

Remember the Super Seekrit Stalker Adventure? If not, check out the link because today is the day!  Off I go to meet my friend Lauren and then on to Toronto to the taping of George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight!  From there we move on to a pub to meet Allan Hawco of Republic of Doyle fame to watch the season premiere and share a pint or two! 

In about 30 minutes I hit the road to the big city where my friend Lauren and I will don our hussiest and tartiest demeanor...and flirt and mingle with the boys from the CBC!

Some people have asked if I will be on television.  Well it is a taping and sometimes there are audience shots so it is possible.  Watch George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight and find out!

I have been requested to kiss George "slightly violently" for a friend of mine and I've always taken my friendships very seriously.  So if they choose to show the segment with me being hauled away by their very large security guard then I'll be on television for sure!

I will be updating my Face Book site over the course of the night with pics and commentary through my handy dandy Black Berry so if you're not a friend, add me (Carolyn R. Parsons) and follow our antics.

And you will get a full update later tonight or tomorrow as to how things went right here on the blog!

Now I'm off to empty the mascara tube, make sure my favourite red bra is up to the challenge and hit the road!

FMB's, check.  Red lipstick, check.  Drool bib, check. Cleavage, check.  Saucy flirty attitude, double-check!

Off I go

Breeze...aka The Tart!


Anonymous said…
Have SO much fun ldies! I am jealous, and I wish that I were joining you.
Anonymous said…
Oh and just out of curiosity - which one is the Hussy and which one the Tart?
Unknown said…
you have got me laughing out loud, rolling on the floor...seriously! ;) FMBs, check...too much!!! ;)

love it. have fun. kiss away!