Every Second Counts!

Photo Credit:  Matt Oake

Today I awakened with the clearest understanding of one simple fact.  Every second of your life counts whether you make it count or not!

From your very first second until the last, you matter.  You are an important and vital part of this universe.  We read all of the literature about making life count and making your moments count but the fact of the matter is, even if you're doing nothing at all intentionally to make your time count, it still does.  It has meaning.

It is fine to be aware of the moment.  But don't get so caught up in the idea of making it matter that you forget to do the actual living.  In all things there must be balance.

Living in the moment simply means being subconsciously aware and knowing that you are divine.  That your spirit is perfect though your behaviour might not be considered so.  Understand that the seconds of your life are not only a gift to you but a gift to those around you, the people you love, who love you and who you are connected to. 

You don't have to do a damn thing only live it your own way, be the best you that you can be regardless of all that has gone on before in your life.  Those seconds counted...but only in the sense that when you lived them they were your present.

Your past, your so called mistakes are behind you, like the wake of the boat. The wake doesn't drive the boat so let it go and in this second, smile.  Or not.  What you do doesn't matter.  But YOU do.

This second counts.  You may consciously choose how to be in it.  Or not.  But it counts.  No matter what.



Just Be Real said…
Profound Breeze. Blessings.