Breeze's Upcoming Super Seekrit Stalker Adventure!

Watch Republic of Doyle on CBC

My Facebook friend Lauren announced she had scored two tickets to see the CBC nighttime talk show, George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight in Toronto for Monday, January 10, and after a few jokes back and forth about whether she is a stalker after meeting one of the show's guests,  Allan Hawco (star of Republic of Doyle~one of my favourite television shows) just a couple of weeks ago (she's not) and my 35+ Great Big Sea shows a few years back (I was) she kindly invited me to come along to the taping with her!  

So we go on Monday, 4pm at CBC Studios in downtown Toronto!  I am thrilled and ever so grateful, thank you Lauren!  Oh..and on another interesting note, Lauren and I have never met in person but we do laugh a lot on Face Book so I'm sure we'll hit it off in  person. I already like her and I mean I'm a riot.  A regular crack up.  She'll love me. (I hope).

Allan Hawco

Then today, I'm on Face Book again (shut up...yes I'm I don't want an intervention...carry on) and the feed from Republic of Doyle goes through and it's a chance for 25 Toronto area fans (and their guest) to meet Allan Hawco at a local Toronto pub for drinks and to watch the season premiere with him!  You know I had to go for it! 

And you know that I won!

To make it even better, my friend Lauren also won!  (So I have a spare..wanna come?)

So after the taping at CBC studios at 4pm we head to Fionn MacCool's for 7pm to hang out with Allan Hawco and watch the show!

It's a good thing too because I love this show and waiting until Wednesday was driving me crazy!  (Yeah..that's the reason I'm so excited.)

Free drinks, nibblies and a pretty intimate crowd. We have been assured there will be photo opportunities so I will be reporting back to you!

George Stroumboulopoulos
 Now I had to promise Lauren I wouldn't  embarrass her by making a paper jet out of that picture of my cleavage on Face Book (add me as a friend now why don't you?) and fly it at either George or Allan. I also had to secure a drool bib from my grandson because, let's face it, Allan AND George all in the same night?  I'm only a human girl after all...come on! 

But it'll still be fun even if I do have to be all reserved and not "squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" all over downtown Toronto.

I will contain myself.  I can and I will.  Really.

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (oops, sorry)

Now...what does one wear to a stalking? mean...television premiere?



Anonymous said…
Lucky you! When George says at the beginning of each show, "I'm your boyfriend..." he is talking to ME! LOVE George! Have fun, and please say Hi to my boyfriend for me.
RNSANE said…
You really are a very lucky person, you know!!! Of course, I was pretty lucky, as well, when I won your poetry book!
Unknown said…
I'm no fashionista, but anything tasteful paired with a pair of FMB shouts, "I've got it and I know what to do with it." In the most reserved way, of course ;)