And she'll have fun fun fun...

I am bored.  I am bored to tears. Seriously.  Rarely happens.  But it is winter.  it is cold and I do not have a snowmobile or skis or any of the fun stuff that gets many people through winter!

It is 4:35pm and I'm having dark chocolate with a hint of chili(I do love the heat) and a glass of shiraz...and I'm listening to Pink Floyd. (click link to hear)  Still bored.  Mellow but bored.

So  what shall I write about?  Not much going on here.  But though I am not having fun right in this minute, I do have some things on the go.

First off, I'm taking a flying lesson on April 10.  Yes, I will fly the aircraft..take off, land...all the middle stuff too like flying and flirting with the flight instructor (he's male but I would have flirted either way).  It's always been a dream of mine and since all my dreams always come true, I decided it was time for this one.

Second of all my book is entered in a competition.  I have no idea if there is even a remote chance of winning but it's been entered!

And there is another all hush hush top secret thing and like the book competition, who knows if anything will come of it but to actually have an idea and the means to pitch it is pretty exciting. (little clue there).

But today I'm bored.  Winter has too much time for imagination but is limiting in the freedom for me to do what I want to do.  If it were summer I'd hop off to the beach for a day or have a huge barbeque with beer and invite a bunch of people over to share it.

Meanwhile, I have been entertaining myself with some funny flying videos.  The second one particularly cracks me up every time!

Here you go!


April said…
Since when does it need to be summer or a BBQ to have a bunch of people over for beer? :P Flying!!!? That is seriously awesome. I have had dreams that I was a pilot before...very vivid ones.
April said…
Oh...and good luck on the contest and whatever secret thing you have going!
Since it snowed and driving in it sucks? Damn Floridians just don't get it! lol.
RNSANE said…
I hope your book wins, of course. How great you're going to take flying lessons. I often thought of it - I grew up flying in small airplanes and loved it. My mother worked for a general practitioner who had a Beechcraft Bonanza and he was so kind to always take us with him on his weekly jaunts to north GA and other places. Finances kept me from pursuing flying myself.