2010~The Year in Review

What a year that was!  The ride was bumpy, the companionship amazing and the view from the top incredible!

I sat down and made a list of all of the major things that happened in 2010 and realised it was probably the most remarkable year of my life!

Early in the year I did a story on the Tim Horton's Hockey Day in Canada and got to interview Wendel Clarke, a former Toronto Maple Leaf and hockey idol of mine from my younger days!  What a thrill and he was a perfect gentleman and the interview actually ran twice on the local news magazine I work for.  Over the course of the year I met politicians, actors, media  people and just all around interesting people.  I danced Salsa with the cast of dancers from Evita at the Stratford Festival, I met the dad of the actor of Peter Pan(a show so well received Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise brought Suri to see it) and upon blogging about the experience was contacted by the theatre for my kids to meet and talk to the actor himself online.  It was a wonderful experience.

I also celebrated the release of my first book, a poetry collection, Wind Rhymes; Poetry from the Breeze and had several lovely testimonials written by local media.  It was also exciting to see it in the top ten in Canadian Poetry book sales at Amazon, sitting there between Margaret Atwood and Leonard Cohen.  I have screenshots of that!

The book release and subsequent success afforded me the opportunity to meet wonderful people.  I have met other authors, screenwriters, and artists from all different medium that have enriched my life and inspired my own creativity.

Then in August my novel, The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle was released.  The reader reviews have been very favourable and I'm excited to tour with it next year.

I became a grandmother!  My grandson Dante was born in July and he is the light of my life.  What greater gift is there than children?  My 4 daughters continue to brighten my days and we added a little bundle of fur named Magic, a black kitten, born on the October full moon and brought home by us on the solstice.  His name is perfect.  Or as my daughter said, "purrrrfect."

My personal life has woven in a different pattern.  I spend nearly all my time alone or with my children and it's an adjustment.  The lack of adult companionship does allow me time for quiet reflection and to sit and learn the lessons of the past.  It feels good to bear no hate towards any fellow human, to only hold love in my heart and to know I did my very best and loved as well as I could.  I gave when I had some to give and didn't ask in return. 

I've come through the year stronger.   I've changed and grown and learned lessons that I needed to learn.  I was treated well and treated wrong, I treated people well and wronged others, though none deliberately.  I bear no animosity to those who mislead and I adore those who came to my side.

I will look back on 2010 with a happy and wistful smile, missing the things that will never be again but excited for all the surprises that lie ahead.  One step in front of the other I go, knowing that if I live 2011 as well as I did 2010, I will be forever rewarded with a happy new year.

I am grateful to all to my friends here.  This blog has been an outlet for all of my emotions, a place to share my poetry, my ups, my downs, my thoughts and my beliefs.  Some of you have come to me as friends far beyond the limits of this medium and I thank you all for your support.  I look forward to another year of musing and rhyming.

Now Happy New Year to all of you, my friends.  Namaste.


April said…
You really did a lot in 2010, and I wish you the best of everything in 2011.