Loneliness is the curtain at her bedside

still because the breeze has gone away

Stale air is all her tired lungs inhale

On another stagnant, broken, empty day.

The mask is fastened on to reassure

Those who count upon a constant smile

While the heart beneath the façade of happiness

Would like its beat to stop for just a while

A hand is offered those who need a hand

A hug for those whose burden she now bears

A smile is lit for those who need some light

Meanwhile for her it seems nobody cares

Emptiness soon fills a giving self

when all there is to give has just been gifted

when one who gives the most is quite forgotten

weighed down by all the stones that she has lifted

Loneliness does not evade the happy

As cancer does not pick and choose its host

It often preys upon those less demanding

Who do not ask for much and give the most

Forgotten is the one who asked for nothing

Like a dying rose in a corner garden bed

Where sunlight fails to shine and rain fall land

though her fragrance is the sweetest ever shed.


April said…
This is a heart-wrenching poem Carolyn. Sending you a virtual hug since I can't be there to give you a real one....
No, cancer won't choose the giver as its vessel, it chooses the one who has nothing to give. Cancer, to angels will always bow, down and out.
Don't get into Karma theory, but keep going, the rewards are aplenty. Forgetting and being forgotten? is that a concern worth mulling over?
How happy is the blameless Vestal's lot! The world forgetting, by the world forgot. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! Each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'.

Blasphemous Aesthete
Karen Baldwin said…
A very moving poem. And you're right about cancer choosing those less demanding.
I think this line confused some people..I didn't mean cancer chose those less demanding...I simply said Loneliness can come to anyone and doesn't play favourits like cancer. That is the extent of the analogy..whe I say It often preys upon those less demanding I am again speaking of loneliness...this poem is about loneliness...not cancer. It in the third line refers to loneliness. Such a scary and evocative word and I'm not surprised it became the focus though it isn't meant to be.

Loneliness does not evade the happy
As cancer does not pick and choose its host
It(loneliness) often preys upon those less demanding
Who do not ask for much and give the most
Debbie said…
wow....This was amazing...really touched my heart!!
Just Be Real said…
So relatable. Blessings.