How my fingers ache to touch the soft hair
at the edge of your neck
how my hands long to stroke the back of yours
linking our fingers in that ageless connect

How my self wants to dive into
your smiling eyes as they flash with enjoyment
and swim in the love you bestowed
with ease and abandonment

How my ears long to hear your voice
its tones familiar like the breath I breathe
the laughter from your lips I crave
like the some ancient past life need

How my legs longs to dance
in the silence of music and lyrics unwritten
in those arms that embraced me
those moments we were first smitten

How my soul craves the magic
of that time we loved like dreamers and poets
before life dropped its axe
and severed our love of its merits

How my heart sits here remembering
ever loving you, in spite of it all
enjoying memories of our past all the while
pretending life's axe didn't fall



The poem reflects desire, of bringing back what once possibly was, in an elegant manner.

But I did not quite get the connection between the picture and the post.
The connection is there but it's pretty's a tomb...a place from where you can never return...