To-Do List! Time for a Jolt of Energy!

It's been a bit hectic around here and of course I got behind after my tumble down the stairs that had me  laid up for a few days.  But some heavenly massages and lots of TLC from my loved-ones, and a couple of days of Advil Liquid Gels(I rarely take drugs but I have to admit these are my go-to pain relievers) and I'm on the mend.  So I sat down and did my to-do list.  It's not a typical to-do list, it's more like a list of things I'm involved in and have to work on. 

Here it is in no particular order

1.  Christmas Shopping~4 kids, 1 husband and a bunch of other people I love.(not fond of the shopping, love the giving)
2.  Christmas other stuff~Decorating, setting up the tree..I love this part.
3.  Assemble poetry collection~a little project I'm working on. 
4.  Write 2 hours a day for the new novel~not sure why I put this here..could replace it with breathing.
5.  Clean~might skip this.
6.  Cook daily~ordering pizza tonight.
7.  Bake almost daily~homemade bread from my secret recipe.  Christmas baking, pies etc.
8.  Tutor at the school~filling in application right now
9.  Tutor after school(1 student so far!)
10. News Reporting at Rogers~one of my favourite things to do!
11. See my cousin about some part time office work he has for me~$$$$
12.  Prepare information about book I'm publishing with the local grade 2 students~they are writing it and selling it to raise money for charity~with some other parent's help I'm coordinating and publishing it through my newly formed publishing company
13.  Run my newly formed publishing company
14.  Various book signings and related promotional tasks~good reviews so far!
14.  Run the Nutritional Snack Program at the school~moving to 4 days a week after Christmas!
15.  Spend as much time with my family as possible~my favourite one and the most important one!
16.  Look for opportunities to give~these show up.
17.  Look for opportunities to help~these show up even more often.
18.  Meditate~peace, love, kindness, compassion, healing and my specialty, magic.

You would think this list would have me exhausted but it doesn't.  Every single thing on it has a purpose in my life.  Except the housework thing. Well I'm sure it has a purpose, it's just not a priority one for me.  And the last one helps me through all of the others.  I cannot wait to get started.

What we have to do in our life isn't as important as the attitude we take as we go forward.  With the jobs you're not so fond of, crank the tunes(AC DC right now for me) and get at it! 

With the tasks  that you love, jump in and enjoy!  

And you can still crank the tunes!

Life is a blessing.  Love every moment, live every moment, be in the moment! 

But most of all be kind to each other.


kathyoberst said…
Thank you for this motivating list! You truly helped me. I am now off to "my" list!!