Ok people, Let's go for a really wild ride!

And so today was spent in research and reading and copying and pasting for the new book!  I haven't actually written a word but my process is to dream the scene before it takes place anyway.  I do have some names for some characters.  The male main character's working name is Clark and he's amazing! Sexy, attractive, generous, successful, bit of a ladies-man but a good man nonetheless.  His hair is really soft and dark, especially along his neckline and he has an adorable little mole on his left cheek.  He's beautiful. 
Now, he's flawed,  for sure we all are, but absolutely a hero.  If you have read my first novel, The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle and loved Joe Indigo, well you're going to love this guy too.  I'll tell you about the main female character another time.  I haven't quite worked her out yet.  I can't give too much away in the first post.

There are, of course, even more secrets in this one.  Maybe some of them are mine!  Maybe not! 
If you haven't read The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle, what are you waiting for?  Order it or pick up that copy you've already got sitting there!  Maybe it's time you dug into it, it just might be the escape you're looking for.
I'm not sure how this story will evolve, I have lots of stuff in place in my mind, lots of experiences to draw from and I've been given a little too much spare time lately and my mind has been working overtime thinking of how to approach this project.

But the outline is done and the juices are flowing and the muse says this is the time.  So off we go, buckle up!

And in case you aren't on Face Book (I've heard there are people who aren't!) I had this nice review from a reader just recently.

Just finished reading the best book I ever read in my life The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle "The wind will dance with the leaves When we meet again by and by I'll come to you when I can And we'll love in the indigo sky" Joe & Christianna will be in my heart forever.. Carolyn R Parsons thank you for this beautiful story ...it truly planted a fire in my soul...Glenda Marie Parrot Chaulk