That Heart

That heart that beats the gentle melody is
the most prized possession I do not own
and it holds me entranced and empowered
I want to cushion it with cotton batting
hold it gentle and prevent it being further crushed
by the cruel hurts that this bitter world showered

That heart that taps its song into my ear
as I lay against it warm and safe
gives me the gift of letting me be all and only me
I want to wrap it with plastic bubble wrap
or fold my hands over this precious gemstone
leaving just enough space so that it still beats free

That heart that whispers I love you
into the silent space between its lulling beats
 has made a love so real and strong
I want to enclose it in the soft strong love
that lies within in this heart of mine
so that our hearts play only one sweet song

That heart that pumps the life into the veins
and moves you into the space next to me
that propels you on our journey's start
I want to envelop with gentle sighs
and the whispers of love and forever and destiny
so you know how great my love is for that heart



Nice... I remembered something while reading this...
I'm fascinated to know what you remembered...:)
carmilevy said…
Such beauty in both visuals and words. I admire your ability to paint a scene with poetry. I'd probably just stand there with my camera and leave it at that. But you've crafted something entirely different. And cherished. I'll think of this the next time the rain clouds and the sun do their dance on high.