Update Post

My youngest daughter Martina exploring the hills of Change Islands, NL

Summer is drawing to a close and what a great couple of months it's been. I love summer.  It's absolutely my favourite season.  I have released a novel, I have a grandson,  I had an amazing trip home to my home town and I am entering the promotional phase of the book's release and all is going well.
But today, for the first time in a long time, I have a cold.  It's one of those simple head colds that don't really make you all that sick but leave you feeling out of sorts and with less energy.  It has however, afforded me time today to write this blog and so I'm grateful for that.  It's been so busy I've ignored this place for far too long.

When it comes to health and healing I've always believed in homeostasis.  For those who aren't familiar, basically it's a believe that an organism wants to be well, that it will work towards being well if at all possible.  I believe the human body operates on this principle and I simply let this type of thing run its course.

I also believe, generally life runs that way.  If we don't push too hard against the flow of it, if we ignore the expectations we and others place on our lives, it goes as it should.  It always tends to work out if we let what is, be.  Life will constantly change, sometimes those changes are out of our control and at other times we make decisions that alter things for our own benefit.  Either way, fighting the outcome is pointless for all will be what it will be.

Now another change is happening.  The kids return to school and my life becomes more routine, more scheduled, more regular.  After a free-range couple of months it seems to be almost impossible to imagine.  The advantage is more time for writing,  more time to walk, more time to be alone.  The disadvantage is no more sleeping in,  no more running away for an unplanned beach day, no more playing all day long with the kids. 

My second novel, The Tempters, will be my writing focus.  I'll be updating here about progress on that work.  Meanwhile, if you haven't already, my newly released novel, The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle, is available for purchase on Amazon and now the LOOK INSIDE feature has been activated.  Just click the button below and hop on over and take a peek!