Reader Reviews on The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle!

So the novel was released just over a month ago now and people have read it.  Some of them have also been kind enough to send me their opinions of the book and I appreciate the time it took for everyone to do that!  Thank you so much!  Here are some of the comments I've received from readers.  So far nothing too negative and for that I'm grateful!
To purchase the novel click on the link at the bottom of the page and you will be directed to the listing.  The Look Inside feature has also been activated so you can take a peek at a sample of the story.

Carolyn Your novel was EXCELLENT , EXCELLENT. When is your next one coming out........You have a buyer here , so keep on writing . Like I said I just loved it, had a hard time to put it down, woke up 7am this morning and had to finish it and went back to sleep  ~Denise~

Book read. A page turner. Really enjoyed it. Loved the story, made me mad, made me sad, made me happy and it kept the housework on hold! A wonderful read ~Linda~

Guess what?  I just finish reading the book,  I can't believe I did that, when I don't like reading, but that book was so good, I cannot believe what happened!  Let me know when you have another one,and keep up the good work. ~Donna~

Now that was worth waiting for! Beautifully written; kept me reading well into the night. I absolutely loved it and can't wait for your next one. ~Rosemary~

Hi Carolyn,

I finished reading your book. You stated you wanted to write a love story unlike another, Mission Accomplished. It was the best I have ever read.  Once i started reading i couldn't put it down.Can't wait for your next novel.  Again Congratulations! ~Darlene~

I really, REALLY enjoyed your book! I liked that their lives were soooo messy, like in real life and everything wasn't all tied up with a neat bow. People made mistakes, bad decisions, tried to be true to themselves and get on with their wasn't like a regular romance novel. Yes, it was a love story, but with a twist and complications. I also really liked the progression of growth about different faiths and beliefs, both sides becoming more accepting and respectful of people who believed differently than they did.
It was fun for me to read, too, because I have never been to Newfoundland and probably never will get to travel there. I have only been to Canada twice, so am a tiny bit familiar with it, but not really. It's great to read about someplace that is different from where I live.

Waiting for your next book! I've recommended this book to some friends. I think they would enjoy it, too! ~Cheryl~


RNSANE said…
Congratulations on finishing the book. It sounds very well received, according to reader reviews. Once I get finished with several I've purchased that are sitting unread on my bookshelves, it will be the next one I buy.
Cheryl said…
Carolyn, it is lovely to have the opportunity to read just some of the reviews. Congratulations on your achievement! You are a champion? Who knows? Maybe I will get to read it from cover to cover.
Unknown said…
oh, you snail mail!!!! where is my book?!!

CAN'T wait to get it, Carolyn :)))) Wish we lived closer so I could get my signed copy sooner!!! :)
Kent Chaffey said…
Finished the book last week. The best book I've read in 25 years... Very moving ... many tears.. lots of feeling that keep you wondering what if.... Carolyn you are a excellent writer.. not that I ever doubted it.. all the success in your future will be with you...Kent