Is This The Moment

Is this the moment?

Is this the moment before you step
into the abyss of next
from this place of now here to no where?
Is this the moment before you take
your last breath
and leave for that place you fear?

Is this the moment before you hear
your heart's last beat
and become the silent corpse?
Is this the moment before you
discard this body
and slip into the place where chronology warps?

Is this the moment before you say
with your final breath
those words that will remain?
Is this the moment when
your human voice
sings it's last refrain?

Is this is the moment before you join
the energy of the universe
and die that common death?
Is this the moment you know
no answer marks the heart that
trembles within your unknowing breast?

Is this the moment that you waste
with worried eyes
and fearful melancholy wails?
Is this the moment that you
stumble through with wrinkled brow
and pain-chewed finger nails?

Is this the moment that you hold
and live in joy
with happy blissful smile?
Is this the moment that
you celebrate the blooming flowers
and the heartfelt kiss of a child?

Is this the moment you understand
that life is love
and to live it tall?
Is this the moment where you finally know
there is nothing else you have
and that this one moment is your all?


Debbie said…
powerful! beautiful! Love the last line more of all....
Cheryl said…
Breeze, all we have is love. I am reminded there is no fear. I am 'eternally' here.
Beautiful! Thank You.
ending moments, so well narrated.
Alli said…
This was very deep and beautiful...
love Alli..xxoo
artistdeb said…
Thank you for this gentle reminder dear Breeze.