There is Not Doubt

photo credit: Tenisha Saunders; cover art from The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle

There is Not Doubt

There is not doubt in the beating heart
though the mind searches for reason
still  hands reach for familiar ones
from an old forgotten season

There  is not doubt in the wanting eyes
as they alight upon a face
blinking as if blinded by
the sun's hot stinging rays

There is not doubt in the trembling lips
as they feel a wanting kiss
heating up the aching blood
with a smoldering body bliss

There is not doubt in the eternal soul
of this moment's fateful niche
tucked in time between the rows
of eternity's many gifts

Bequethed by the ancient moirai
is the well known, well worn route
this is the road that must be travelled
of this there is not doubt.


There is no doubt that the poem is great,
awesome piece again.

Unknown said…
beautiful and eloquent