Come to me my lover in the nightmare
wearing ancient garb well draped up on your shoulder
swaggering knight of  chivalry's faded remnants
ever guarding with a stance that's bolder

Come to me oh lord of ancient times
press your cold red lips upon my lonely brow
time is culled like fish upon the planks
a picked and plucked,discarded relic now

Come to me and dance my aching body
with whirling steps, where stomping rhythms beat
fold me into arms as old as daylight
melt me into wanton fleshy heat

Come to me, dream lover of the night trance
present yourself in this time's new existence
reveal yourself my haunting sweet chimera
achieve hallucination's best transcendence.


linda peckford said…
Love it. It's a huge step to share your inner self to the public. It takes a lot of courage to let people read your written thoughts or in my case, view art work. It puts you out there for criticism, or whatever else can be flung at you. But I think you'll find that it is sometimes worth the risk and I for one, am glad you shared your gift with us.