The Conversation

I haven't written in a while, I've been really busy with school coming to an end for the children and a deadline that will be met today.  It's Canada Day here and we're happily off celebrating 143 years of this great country with fireworks and great music later today.

But I really wanted to share something else that has kept me busy for much of June.  I was invited by Kimberly Banks of Heartistic Motivation to be a panelist on a 4 part webinar series called The Conversation that we recorded over a period of two weeks in June.  This series is now available to the public for FREE! 

The Conversation is jam packed full of information on many topics of interest to those trying to find success in their lives and seeking answers to many of their questions about the road to purpose, fulfillment, joy and peace.  Included in The Conversation are specialists in Fung Shui, Wellness, Health, Nutrition and many other topics.  They share their wisdom with a common goal to helping others find their own path to a fulfilling life journey.

I hope you find time to listen to this worthwhile series.  I am a guest on part 2, 3 and in part 4 I am a co-host/topic leader.  I didn't participate in part one due to an unfortunate series of events that was unavoidable but it is a fascinating listen.

So sit down and enjoy The Conversation and hopefully you will take away something that is useful for your life journey.

You may have to register at Heartistic Motivation in order to listen, registration is free however.


Cheryl said…
Cogratulations Breeze on your selection.
I am currently in the process of listening to the series. Thank you so much for making the information available. I look forward to another free moment in which I can sit back and enjoy.