Book Release! Half Moons and Maiden Names!

I am days away from the release of my first novel but instead of taking today to talk about my book I'd like to make you aware of the latest release of another author whose work I admire and enjoy.

For a writer, unless one is incredibly introverted, the job can be very isolating.  Luckily, early on in my novel writing days I stumbled upon a blog by a fellow writer, H. Charles Dilmore.   Finding another writer to relate to has been a great blessing.  So I thought I'd take some time to introduce you to him and his wonderful work.

His brilliant poetic style of writing, his fascinating characters and the tidbits he gave on his blog drew me in and I immediately purchased his first book, My Quirks and my Compass.  It did not disappoint and has left me anxiously awaiting his newest offering, Half Moons and Maiden Names
You can purchase Chuck's work by going to his website or directly to Amazon.  Also available on Amazon, My Quirks and My Compass.

His Author Page on Amazon can be found HERE.

Congratulations Chuck.  I cannot wait to read your latest book!