Predetermined in the heavens
protected by the strongest shield
blowing from the seeds of time
life's harvest sends its greatest yield

Dancing in the time before
determined by the gentle fates
we were to belong together
always from the first debates

Memories chain us with the laughter
adventures of the sister kind
surprises bound our hearts together
strengthening the ties that bind.

Chosen each one by the other
to travel on this earth as one
guided by the same night stars
sitting in the same warm sun

We were gifted to each other
eternal sisters, forever friends
knowing love is never ending
the sweet connection never ends

Gentle solace is our goal now
I for you and you for me
I'm your sister, you are mine
as it was always meant to be.

Sister love, the thread that's binding
souls connected for all time
before and after and all the middles
I am yours and you are mine. 

This is an older work..reposting for Pam and Maggie.  Thinking of both of you as you walk this journey together.


Debbie said…
loved this!! very touching,,made me think of my sisters and my girls!!
RNSANE said…
What a lovely tribute to sisters. They do share something so very special and you expressed it beautifully. I have only a brother, three years younger and we have lived on opposite coasts most of our lives. I always wanted a sister. Thankfully, I have been blessed with several friends who have filled that role for me.
WOW, after a very long time I have read such poetry, this was beautiful. Loved this!

Blasphemous Aesthete
Thank you, Debbie, Carmen and Anonymous!