The Return

The Return

You drift away at twilight
on misty hand-washed air
seeking out some private quarters
or some secret hidden lair

I wait with angst filled shoulders
I heave defeated sighs
I watch for your return at length
with anxious, red-rimmed eyes.

The heavens taunt with sunsets
the dawn laughs at my fears
midday wades through puddles
of my unabashed tears

Despair now calls me bosom friend
while depression is my neighbour
abandonment joins with us both
as an added painful favour

The wind howls 'round the meadows
as I scream into the trees
and the agony of no reply
nearly brings me to my knees

Then when I am completely spent
and freed from my distress
you return to me at twilight
as though you'd never left

My smile now free from censor
joins the joy within my heart
then they dance to nature's rhythm
as though they'd never been apart

Angst now takes its friend despair
and leaves for parts unknown
as I revel in the peace I feel
whenever you come home.


This is so beautiful, Breeze. I think that you are one of my most favorite poets. Your poetic form, images and the emotions they convey never clash...but blend beautifully! Simply wonderful. ~Janine XO
Thank you Janine..though I see a couple of errors in this one that I have to fix so you're very forgiving :) I'm always concerned that it's bumpy and off the mark. We're all our own worse critics aren't we?

Karen Mrs. T said…
Beautiful, you make the reader feel the depth of your words, I actually felt myself ache, then rejoice. Thank you!
Thank you Karen~it's nice to know that I evoked such emotion :)