For Michael


Fragmented grief on a broken mirror
eyes haunted, sad and shattered
choir silenced in the middle of the hymn
a chorus of angels plucked and scattered

Shocked masses huddled in disbelief
Heaving shoulders, candles sputtering
like the broken wings of butterflies
brought to earth when they cease fluttering

Genius murdered by hands of greed
ink stained fingers first did harm
as guilty as the ragged vultures
who hunted, swooped and lied and swarmed

The healer, sworn to uphold the promise
betrays Apollo, Asclepius and Hygieia 
his syringe an axe to the legend heart
somnolence a slap to Panaceia 

Yet the man in the mirror sings forgiveness
with electric moon dance, absolving twirl
while grieving for this crying earth,
his message was we are the world.

And a button clicks on a cd player
and the remorseful reapers voice is silenced
vengeance muted by his melody
judgment weakened by his brilliance

Healing masses feel the groove then
drying eyes and tapping feet
Zombies laugh between the aching
moon dance echoes of their heartbeat

Monarchs wings are gently sutured
their beating hearts conduct the band
and angels dance to pop beat rhythms
as all hail the king of Neverland


Debbie said…
wow! what an amazing tribute and so sad!!
Thank you Debbie. I am having some very sad moments today...his music was a huge part of my life from Thriller on and I cant believe someone did this to him, to us, to his family. I also cannot believe it has been a year.
Cheryl said…
If you have tears, prepare to shed them now'..Shakespeare
Thank you Chez. I hope you are well.

Sheila Kelly said…
What a great tribute to Michael! He was a gift to the world but as as the life of many geniuses complicated with this worlds greed, power, and maliousness. What a sad ending, and I hope we find out the real truth one day.
Thank you Sheila. I love his music and his message but there are those who find it hard to see the good in people who dont look like they think people should look. MJ was a victim of a lot of that.