Why can't we all be like Burt Hummel?

I am taking a break from writing for a couple of days however before I go I have to, simply have to share this video.  I am a huge Glee fan.  The show is such a mixture of brilliant musical talent, ridiculous, yet clever humour and then there is the social statements inherent in the show each week, expressed through the lessons the characters learn.

All of us, every single one of us is born different.  We can conform or we can be real.  But I truly believe that only those who choose to embrace their individuality can become truly happy.  Nothing, is more attractive to me, than someone who is real.  But it's difficult to be true to yourself in the wake of the prejudice of others, even the subtle bigotry like that Finn expresses when he calls the decor "faggy" and tries to explain it away.   

Mostly I laugh but occasionally I cry, and this video is of a clip that had me weeping on Tuesday night.  I was so moved and it says it ALL.  I re-watched it today and wept again.  

I think that not only was this a moving scene, I think it was an important moment in television history.

Why can't we all be like Burt Hummel?  

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Just Be Real said…
thanks for sharing.