The Wave

Through bewildered eyes
awash with tears
comes this great adventure
and its immeasurable fears

We are woefully inadequate
so our compass guides
as we negotiate through the
channels of our lives

The universe decides
which hearts intersect
while we're left to wonder
and dream and connect

Truth is our beacon
while love is our chart
We set sail with the stars
guiding our heart

All that we had
was all that we gave
until we float on the crest
of the next great wave.



I ADORE this are so exceptional! Sigh...I could meditate on this for hours...simply wonderful! ~Janine XO
RNSANE said…
Oh, so true, Carolyn, we are not really
in complete control at all. Great poem!
Thank you Janine for the compliment :). I think I meditated this one...and thank you Carmen, you are right..we're just along for the ride :)
Anonymous said…
Fabulously written - Glad I popped by for this one :0)