Within my walls
I am still in the night
calm in the day
peace in the light

Between my walls
I have rhythm in my feet
chords in my ears
my heart keeps the beat

Against my walls
I stretch and grow
embrace and love
welcome and know

Facing these walls
I fill with love
the canopy lifts
that I may rise above

Before my walls
I own no past
I see my now
through panes of glass

Through formless walls
I reach for you
beyond my facade
beyond yours too

I touch your  hand
and a tear drop falls
breaching the barrier
of imaginary walls



Leslie said…
Smooth as butter,
Fluid as wine...
I can't imagine another
That could be this fine.

I loved this - the theme so clear, the various sides and perspectives explored. The rhyme wasn't forced and accentuated the meaning. It's lovely. It fits my experience. Truly.
Thank you Leslie and I love wine and butter :)

It was one of those gift from the muse writes...simple, easy and true.

Cheryl said…
Beautiful Breeze!
Reminds me of the process of an amazing meditation.
Like the way it makes me feel.
Thanks so much
Thank you Chez! So happy to hear from you :) Hope you are well..think of you often.