Temptation is a spider on my skin
tip-toeing  fascination down my spine
igniting  yearning's unfamiliar flame
erasing the familiar borderline

Demons whisper yes from on my shoulder
No, another shakes me from the pull
a web of silken fancy provocation
spins enticement as a web upon the wall

Beguiling is its promise in the evening
enticing, is the danger in the choice,
a coded  language oddly still familiar
speaks of pleasure in a cryptic tempting voice

Demons whisper life is only once lived
Angels likewise whisper live it right
but temptation is a spider on my skin
that walks upon an empty, lonely night.


Anonymous said…
Ooooh! Very good, Breeze! I like this one!
Thank you Audrey! It's nice to wake up to this rolling around in your mind...my muse is very active these days :)
Jinksy said…
Crumbs, I think I'm ready to give in! :)
Jinksy your comment made me laugh out loud! Sometimes you gotta go with the demon...lol
Debbie said…
sooooo very good! LOVE it!
but will you succumb Debbie? lol