One More Night

Your fingers dance across my skin
like rays of sunshine's fire
dappled and tapping lightly
in a dance of hot desire

Your lips brush mine softly
quenching night air seared
 from our last evening's loving
that ended as dawn neared

Your breath drifts hot again
and burns across my breast
 my temperature now rises
with the sunrise in the east

Sultry eyes burn blisters
across my tender cheek
and consume the tears that trickle
like a thirsty summer creek

Then a low familiar drum beat
soon taps a cold  refrain
and reminds my heated body
that you're leaving me again.



RNSANE said…
Spectacular. Sad ending. But torrid in between.
Debbie said… then so touching!!!! I felt like I knew this heart..had lived this moment!
It was inspired by the heat...
The Queen said…
Oh so beautiful!!!!!!!