Indifference coils, a snake in an empty garden
its poison  pockets, deadly fangs of neglect
hidden between tall blades of uncut grass
slithering along the pathway to regret

I reach across the distance and pull back
rejection threatens to bite the tender flesh
tentative and  sad I turn away
careful navigation from the crash

Words that cut never never cross your lips
I am a pane of glass that you see through
Invisible, unheard, untouched, defeated
I feel regret and sorrow most for you.

Indifference coils, a snake in an empty garden
The asp chews hard as I give my farewell wave
loneliness the abyss I fall into
a dark and cold, uncaring living grave



Debbie said… thought provoking!
RNSANE said…
Indifference is such a terrible feeling. I'd rather feel rage, I think, or love - no, not indifference! Wonderful poem, as all of yours are!