Highway of Heroes~A Salute to #143

Hanging from the too familiar bridge
heated by the heartbeats of the crowd
beating with the fluttering scarlet draperies
The sombre as you pass below, so loud

An Ontario town sheds its tears this time
And we all still weep as the motorcade goes by
as a family lays to rest its precious son
and once again we plead a silent why?

The traffic grows too heavy on this highway
The travel on the busy road must cease
May another never have to make the journey
We salute you soldier, as we pray for peace

In memory of Petty Officer Douglas Craig Blake, 37, of Simcoe, Ont., 


It's nice that you do these tributes, Breeze. My son's in the sea cadets here in town and aspires to be in the navy when he's done school. I pointed out to him the loss of PO Blake.
Anonymous said…
aww excellent poem
Debbie said…
The sombre as you pass below, so loud

this line is incredible and summed up the essense of what was felt! SO sad!