I moderated the chat room yesterday for The Power of You(for women) radio show.  The topic was about what to do after the storms of life.  How to move forward.  It was a very enlightening conversation and it left me pondering for some time after.  

I think back over the storms of my own life, divorce, unemployment, the illness and subsequent death of my amazing father and all of the changes that came out of those events that led me to where I am now.

And one thing stands out.  I never wasted time in worry.  I was always decisive.  I may have taken some time getting my ducks in a row to have them work out.  But I always decided to follow my instincts and do what felt like the right thing.  Sometimes the outcome was not what I would have wished but then I used the same tactics to move in a different direction.

I was just writing a post for my other blog and at the end I always write a little affirmation.  It concerns the steps you need to take to make the changes in your life that make it more fulfilling and happier and most of all peaceful.

I thought I'd share it here as well.

Decide:  That is the first step.  That is the only step.

Immediately someone will go "but what if?" If you do that, you haven't decided.  I've noticed a few people in my circle that have recently quit smoking.  I know someone who is closing in on a year of sobriety.  I stumbled upon a blog yesterday of a woman who had lost 78lbs.  All of these people will have continued success if they have decided to do so.  Sometimes you may have to reaffirm your decision daily.  But if you've decided.  You will do it.

They may not have a  perfect journey, but  if they pick themselves up when they stumble instead of falling back into the old patterns, they will have success.  They can't NOT have success if they have decided.

Many people will say "I will try" and think that they've made a decision.  If you only may succeed.  If you decide to do something, you WILL succeed.



Anonymous said…
Positive as always- you're such an inspiration. And thanks for having my books in your bookstore!
Well said, Carolyn.

I have found that death, unemployment change in relationships are hubs in one's lives. Catalysts to begin change...hopefully for something better, but change nonetheless.
We are who we are based on challenges. For some, such as abuse victims, it is just too much and bad choices in direction are made.
i like to think that I am who I am because if good choices I have made in adversity. My kids too have learned lessons based on my reactions to our struggles.
Great thoughts
Shadow said…
great post! and so right. make a decision. the load alone THAT takes off.... and it moves you from being a 'victim' to being a 'survivor'. and that's a major change in one's state of mind.
Anonymous said…
Very good, I would like your input on a new post on my blog,