Creating Possibilities!

I recently joined with Kimberly Banks in her one million women/one year campaign for her initiative Heartistic Motivation.  As  part of my role there I will create blog posts for her site.  I wrote my first one and posted it on Monday.

The theme this week was Creating Possibilities.

We’ve all heard the saying If opportunity knocks at the door, open it. I am sure many of you have said that at one time or another about a decision you’ve made or perhaps as advice to a friend who is trying to make a choice? I know I have said these words. And of course, it is indeed very good wisdom, provided the opportunity is something that feels right in your heart.I used to live my life this way. It was a good life. I thought. But there was some niggling sense of dissatisfaction. I wasn’t doing what I wanted to be doing in life, I wasn’t even sure I knew what that was. But I was healthy, my family was healthy, we were financially stable, if not rich. We were not hungry and there was a lot to be thankful for. Yet, still, there was a hunger, a larger hunger, a craving for meaning and purpose and nothing was knocking at the door to bring me that with which to satisfy it.(read more)

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I am living that moment right now. I have worked all my grown-up life in order to pay the bills and single-handedly raise my three kids. Now that they are nearly grown i would rather work for me than for a paycheck. Change is hard
The very first step is understanding that we only think that change is hard. Once you decide to change and take whatever comes as a result of that change in an accepting and peaceful manner...change is easy.