The Chi~What is it and how can we engage it in our lives?

The Chi is defined, depending on your tradition, as the universal energy.  It is considered in the Taoist tradition as the sexual energy of the universe.  Just as humans have their own energy to create, aka, our sexual energy, so does the universe. To engage in communion with the divine energy and to live your life from that place is to live life in its fullest manner.  Want to learn more?  Tune in to The Power of You!

Tonight at 6pm join me on the air at Blog Talk Radio's The Power of You for Women.  Kimberly and I will be discussing a fascinating topic, understanding Chi and incorporating it into your daily living, living your life in a turned on state of being and bringing the passion of the Chi to all that you do and all that you are to live the best possible life you can.

I will read a poem I've written for the occasion, discuss our bodies, our attitudes about sexuality and sex and learn how to live with our natural sensuality in an exciting way.

This is a call in show, the on air number is (347) 677-1669.  Please feel free to call in with your questions, comments air at any time or log in to blog talk radio and join us for an online chat!




RNSANE said…
Breeze, is this EST? I want to catch some of your radio shows!
That is eastern time..I'm thinking you are two hours behind me...I think you can google the time changes :)