Basking and Bonking

Yesterday I spent some time in the backyard, listening to my ipod, reading, writing and just being in nature.  It was amazing!  The sun was shining and I basked in the beauty of a perfect day.  I also sipped a little rum and thought about my newest creative project.

I've started the new novel!  It's coming along swimmingly and the story is flying at me, bits of inspiration coming from all over.  I read somewhere that Margaret Atwood advised that you write as though nobody would ever read it, which frees you up to be as graphic and true to your art as you can be.  I am writing this book that way.  It is a paranormal/horror/romance and is definitely adult.  I don't know if adults read this stuff but I like what I've written so far.

My life is an interesting contrast, on one hand I've fallen into speaking in a motivational/inspirational mode about how to live a happy and joyful and fulfilled life and at the same times I'm writing a horror novel.  I always preface my explanation of the contradiction with two points 1.  The novel does have a theme 2. I love to write and refuse to limit myself.  This story begged me and there was no ignoring it.  I already love the characters and I'm engaged in the setting and the "what ifs" of it all.

And yet the horror stuff is only part of it. The characters in this book are multi-dimensional and they are erotic beings.  There will be sex in this book.  While there is sex in The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle, lots of it, but this new work demands more graphic descriptions.  It's less poetic, more real and a little tickle and bang is as real as it gets.

So this book will be written as though nobody will read it, with the hope that many people do.  If I had a whole lot of hangups left, I might even consider a pseudonym but nah, I'm over that.  There comes a point in your life where you just have to live it. You have to get out there and inhale the joy and exhale it to the world.  You have to free yourself of the inhibitions that say "you can't do that" or "you shouldn't do this" and just go for it.  Some of the things I've written, I would blush at, if I were the blushing type.  I'm not.

If you don't believe me, check in to my interview with Kimberly Banks on the radio.  The rebroadcast is available now.  It's about my opinion on women and sexuality.




Stumbled across your blog through your posting at Not From Here, are You? Hope you enter his 'All-Canadian' week (my entry is in). You go and write that novel any way you want. Don't worry about content until way down the road.
Thanks Alan! I am not worried in the least! Wish I had something to enter in All Canadian Week.

Novel will be first draft finished, I imagine by the end of the summer...takes me about 2 mos to finish a first draft but summer slows me down :)