It's My Birthday! Let the Festivities Begin!

Why do people worry about birthdays and aging?  This moment is a great one.  I'm alive, I've got a new story idea and two Stephen King books waiting to be read.  I've got healthy children, a happy relationship, the inlaws, whom I love, coming to visit tomorrow, it's raining and it's Thursday.  This is a great age to be.  It was a great age to be when I was twenty and eighty six will be pretty fine too! And seriously, look how hot I am in this picture with Robert Pattinson?

It's all about attitude.  I used to just have attitude, now I have a good attitude, because you are happy if you are and that's all there is to it.  So I'm 44, big friggin' whoop.  Life is exactly what you make of it.  I make pictures of me and the Twilight babes and post them on my blog.  I imagine story lines and plots and get to write them down.  I text sexy messages to my husband and he refuses to send me pictures of himself naked(spoilsport).  Whatever I'm doing I enjoy.  Might as well if I have to do it anyway.

I will never worry about my age, it's a number and so irrelevant, particularly since it's out of my control.

Then there is the whole idea of celebrating your birthday.  Most people would feel pretty crappy if they had my day.  I worked all morning, I have to clean the house now and for the rest of the day, because my inlaws get here tomorrow, though I would prefer to be writing.  I feel a little under the weather and I'm sleep deprived.  My husband is away and I will have to cook supper myself.  There are no presents and there is no cake.

So I have to clean the bathroom on my birthday.  Oh woe is me.  There are people in refugee camps peeing in a ditch.  I have three bathrooms in this house.  I shall happily don my tiara and get to it.  Hard to feel sorry for myself under these rather privileged circumstances.

So Happy Birthday to me!  Let the festivities begin.  Now where did I put that toilet brush.

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happy Birthday, Breeze!

Lola xx
Ciao Lola and grazie :)
Leslie said…
Dear Breeze - Yes, you nailed it - seriously hot babe you got going on. YOU, I mean especially! So Happy Birthday to you. Not when you're cleaning the toilet bowl, perhaps, but some time in your sleep-deprived, under the weather, being-alive-to-life kind of day, remember a cake gone by... Go into the living memory and have a slice... And I'm tellin' ya: zero calories; pure enjoyment. You know how I feel about you! Have a great time with your visitors... and it is very freeing to keep in mind your sphere of influence. I loved that point you made. Muah!
Cheers! Happy birthday to you. You are absolutely right. I think every birthday gets better for me. I feel more confident and free. You DO look hot in that pic :) But then, you always do.
Yes..and Kristen Stewart's body is almost identical to mine lol..hehe...Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Happy Birthday, Breeze.
Wish I was 44!! LOL

Piccie reminds me of a certain roast I once saw!!

Hugs ~ Eddie
Karen Mrs. T said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and thanks, you have a wonderful, positive attitude and nothing can stop that. Love the picture, very HOT. Hope your day was wonderful.
Cam said…
Belated Happy Birthday, Breeze, and may I say, you two make such a beautiful couple! :)