Pain filled crevices between the cells
in all the spaces vacated by you
weaving through, a web of agony
stinging like fireants on my soul

In seconds went from all to naught
freed from joy with cruelest gestures
anger and sadness befriend me now
as my absessed spirit swells and festers

Curled in  agony's fetal hug
consoled by life's grief-chilled fingers
hatred sits with unforgiveness
in a room where guilt still lingers

I beg you answer one last plea
why did you go and die on me?

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Debbie said…
amazing...touches all the emotions I would imagine one would feel...
Thank you Debbie..I read a heartfelt post on facebook page from a wife to her husband who was killed suddenly...sometimes life sucks. She's younger than me with small children and she adored him. :(
RNSANE said…
Such a poem of mourning. You express all those emotions so well.
Karen Mrs. T said…
Well written, I can actually feel the pain and sadness.