Earth Song;

This earth is my home.  I love her.  She is lush and fragrant and a miracle and today we celebrate her beauty but we also need to keep in mind that we are damaging her.  She nourishes us and if we make her sick we become sick.

There are those who are doubters of the climate change theory.  That is fine.  It is still no excuse for creating this mess in the name of your greed.  You may deny climate change but do you deny pollution, smog, acid rain, the black cloud over China, the mercury of the ocean?  Do you not see the smoke from the stacks?

Do you deny asthma?  Do you deny the existence of environmental illnesses?  There are chemicals on your vegetables and fruits, antibiotics in your meat, and garbage along the roadsides.

Do you damage a planet just because you can? Why don't you care?  Why can't you see the incredible miracle that is earth?  Is there life on other planets?  We haven't discovered any which makes our earth an even greater miracle.

One of the most powerful videos I've ever watched is Earth Song by Michael J. Jackson.  If you do nothing else for Earth Day watch this video.  Happy Earth Day.