Creativity! Get in touch with your inner artist!

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist after he grows up." ~ Pablo Picasso"

What a great quote!  

A while ago I did an interview on The Power of You For Women radio program hosted by Kimberly Banks of Heartistic Motivation(you'll be hearing quite a bit about HM from me over the next while, I'm going to be working with Kimberly on some projects!) and during the interview I said that to find your passion in life you had to look for not what you want to work at but what  you love to play at.

For me, writing isn't work at all.  I love living in my imagination,  creating scenes and dialogue and characters and then having it all come together into a story.  I love revision.  I love revision. I love revision.  (I'm repeating because you get to do revision over and over and over so you better love it!  And I do!  Every moment of the process is a joy for me.  I have never had writer's block except that which is outside induced(like the demands of family etc.).

I saw this great quote by Pablo Picasso and thought that it summed up completely what I was thinking.  We need to always be in touch with the artist in us.  Not all of us are fine artists or musicians or poets but all of us have the desire to create.  I've seen so many people spend hours gardening(for no pay), making crafts(for no pay), scrapbooking(for no pay) etc. that you know these people are blissed out by this.  It is their art, something they love to play at.  I also know for some the sciences are their creative outlets~and for those who don't see how science is creative~perhaps they aren't familiar with insulin or antibiotics or any of the many medicines created by science.  Perhaps you've never watch a video game or used a cell phone or satellite television.  All of those are creative endeavors.  I interviewed a gentleman the other day, a doctor who works in the field of medical digital media and his products were fascinating.  Oh and that 3-D picture of my grandson..yeah...creative genius!

The reason many of us drift from our creative passion is that our society convinces us that there is no "future"
 in it.  I am thrilled that nobody mentioned that to Pablo Picasso or for that matter  Mel Bartholemew or Lisa Bearns or Joanna Sheen. (or that they paid no attention to the doubters).

If you can find a way to make what you love to play at your life's work in some way, you've found happiness.  And it's never too late to start.  Louise Hay was in her sixties when she started Hay House Publishing.  

So share!  What is it that makes you happy?  What do you love to play at?