Bit by Bit!

Bit by bit, step by step I'm getting through the great pile of "to-do" I have to get "to-done" and will be forever grateful to my in-laws for all their help with the spring cleaning and painting.  It's whittled my work drastically so that I can concentrate on important things, like writing.  Isn't that how life is lived anyway, step by step.  There really is no point in getting too upset about where you are and what you have to do when you can only do what you can.  Step by step.  Better to take those steps with a happy heart!

I have one more rather large project to get out of the way(it's a paying one too!) and then I get to concentrate fully on my writing again! I'm writing every day though much of it is simply exercises and then my lessons for my online creative writing class.  

Poetry also seems to have entered into my life again.  I've written several this week and posted two here!  One of them I also posted on Poetry Dances and has already been chosen for their collection on the main site.  I'm also a featured writer there this week.

But today's job is a new one.  I'm driving my daughter and her fiancee' to London(ON) to see the baby boy on 3d/4d ultrasound!  I'm very excited.  I never had the opportunity to have that sort of ultrasound(gratefully because it usually means there is a problem) but no problems for my daughter, they are purchasing it as a fun thing!  It's not a medical test in this event.

Seeing a baby before it's born is remarkable.  I hope he looks like me! Ha!

Have a brilliantly joyful day!

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