You are the Child

You walk in slums, bone thin
glass and mud for shoes
lonely and desperate, quaking
it takes a village but the village
walks barefoot with you
and has been shaken

You walk through mine fields
innocent, the treasured soccer ball
kicked with fervor through the clearing
to the garbage field
the crowd breathes again
as you emerge barefoot and grinning

You walk in cities of riches and neon
gun slung sloppily and casually
angry and cynical
eye to the big league
hand on the trigger
This heat is critical

You walk in churches where preachers
repeat the memes
you are better, they are less
punish them, it will be your reward
angels will transport you
to the lonely bliss

You walk in the suburbs, bored
a plastic pop bottle cut in half
choking smoke, the desperate
comparing middle class horror stories
listening, slim shady is an innocent,
too lame,too angry, too late

You walk spanked, belittled,
shamed,punished, hated,
different, poor, forgotten
unaccepted accidentally or
loved in theory only
unintentionally begotten

You are bad,kids these days
boys will be boys,back in my day
She should know better
Lock him up! If my kid ever..
suffer the child He said
not let the child suffer

You are the teachers
The divine perfection
perfectly sown perfectly grown.
You are wisdom's descendant, the earth's bounty
You are the child born to be ours
loved best when never truly owned

You are our purpose
our mortality and immortality
through your innocent fears
You are the child sent to remind us
this world needs to erase
the sting of your tears

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Eric said…
Wow, this is phenomenal. Thanks for sharing such a awesome post.
Debbie said…
wow...this took me in so many different directions, Amazing!
Cheryl said…
WOW! So much for me to think about.
Thank you Breeze
love this! Thank you for posting it =)