Would You Read This Book?

This was my pitch for my novel. The one that is being published in August!

Will you want to read this book?

"It is commonly thought throughout humankind that the universe operates as a coincidental mechanism without reason and that all of mankind wanders aimlessly, helter-skelter with no particular path. Yet all the major world belief systems speak of a force, a divine plan, some mysterious energy source that makes sense somewhere in infinity. What if they are all right? What if all of our lives are predetermined in the heavens and we simply get to live in the details. What if the stars, the moon, the sun all shine in perfect rhythm with our lives, counting our days, watching our nights, determining our every step while we count it as random and accidental. What if there are no coincidences?

Christianna Cormack and Joe Indigo meet and their connection is immediate and profound and well beyond their understanding. After they are ripped apart by his misguided choices they attempt to move forward without each other. When Christianna moves to Rare Moon Tickle, Newfoundland, she is informed that there are no secrets in a small town but she proves this adage wrong when destiny colludes with nature to ensure her inevitable reunion with Joe Indigo. Their love is now forbidden and one lie leads to another. As if suspended from cosmic puppet strings, Christianna cannot escape the web of secrets and though she tries to live a normal happy life, she discovers that fate has other ideas in The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle."

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Leigh Caron said…
Breeze, I am struggling to get published also, so my comments may not have much value. First, you writing is beautiful, the concept intriguing. But having pitched, queried, and been rejected, I've learned the hard way that you need a one sentence "hook" then get to the meat of the story. Boring, I know, but that's what agents seem to want. Elana Johnson has a book on querying on-line. It's great. Good luck.
My book is being published...this is what worked for me :)

I'm finding that there is no tried and true method...I had the one sentence pitch and scrapped it...

Leigh Caron said…
Whoo hoo!!!! Congrats! Hey! What the heck do I know! :) And trust me (if you can after my earlier comment), the Oscars were more interesting in replays, sound bites, and photos.
I've seen Oscars in previous years. I believe you :) It's the reason I'm not all upset about skipping it.

I am also in Canada..the publishing environment is different here I'm noticing...
Debbie said…
I can't wait to read it!!
Thank you Debbie. Got word today...it's August :)
Thanks Ania...I think this one might stick..it's been tested, googled, and represents the story well...
Sounds very intriguing, Breeze!!! A great pitch!!! Congratulations!! ~Janine XO