Quarantined and Painting :)

Little girl number 4 got the chicken pox and has been home all week. I have had to cancel all my volunteer work and missed my interview with the mayor this morning. Then I got sick. Yeah, me, the one that viruses are supposed to be afraid of! I think it's because I stopped drinking green tea(because it was keeping me awake) and because Martina(pox girl) was so itchy all night for several nights and she was keeping me awake..the system got run down and the virus came in. I had a fever for two nights and I'm still a little out of sorts but my energy is coming back.

I painted the bathroom the day before I got sick and it looks GREAT! Today I tackle the foyer. It's a small job but since the sun will be shining the rest of the week, I'm painting today! Then I'll have a week of sunshine and poetry. The muse loves the vitamin D.

Tonight I have a nice conference call regarding a huge project that I am working on with another person. More to follow on that but it's a direct result of my radio interview on The Power of You radio program on March 1. I hope to do more work in radio and I'm working on a project with April Lindfors(check out the music in my sidebar) who illustrated my poetry book.

Quarantine has been good. I started the next book which is a complete diversion for me. Watch out for a sex scene in the first chapter and some darkness and violence that might seem atypical of me. But the book is a story of lessons and morals and sometimes real life is dark and violent unfortunately. The human spirit is the main character in any good fiction and that's what I'm most excited to write about. I'm hoping to complete it over the summer, first draft anyway and then move forward into the winter for rewrites. Then comes the task of finding a publisher again. Because it is a different genre I'll need a new one. I'll worry about that after she's writ.

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Sarah Sullivan said…
Oh hon...so sorry..geesh when it rains it pours!! H ang in there and breathe..this always seems to happen when my body needs a break..maybe you did!! Can't wait to see the book!! Hugs, Sarah
Thanks Sarah...all is well...hubby came home and took the pressure off and I'm flying again :) The quarantine was a much needed break I think. Now I'm ready for the world again :)

April said…
Can't wait to chat after your conference call! And I'm really looking forward to this book. Knowing you are a Stephen King fan and that this is a darker story, or at least some elements of it are, I can't wait to see what its like!
I'm excited for the book too April..the story is very "real" yet paranormal elements are involved. It's, well, different but there is a theme that I 'll think you'll particularly enjoy :) Talk to you later :)

Shadow said…
a rest is good. even if it's forced heee heee heee. hope you're a-okay again!
RNSANE said…
Chicken pox! I thought children didn't get them anymore...oh, well, maybe you needed some down time!

I just returned from a very nice 4-day cruise to the Bahamas and Key West..I never even got off the ship. I've been to those places over a dozen times, not just cruising but for land vacations. I just wanted to stay on board and hang out with my crew friends and catch up. I did take your poetry book and read it for the third time. I really love it - and I am getting ready to do my own soon.
Sounds wonderful Carmen. I haven't traveled so I would have gotten off the ship but I would also enjoy the ship because I love to be on the ocean in any kind of vessel! Thank you for reading! You don't have comments enabled on your blog but I really enjoy it and visit frequently. looking forward to your book! I'm so happy you are making your dream come true!