Michael Jackson; Breeze is pissed off!

So my daughter asked me to play the We are the World video for Haiti on YouTube and I said I can't watch, because Michael's not in it. He was such a big part of the original, so young, talented and beautiful then. Then she said "but he is" and so I watched it. Wow! I wept. And of course Michael is in it! And I have to stop listening because every time I hear his voice I cry again.

And it made me realise something. I'm really pissed off. What a loss to the world his death was. I think most people saw Michael Jackson as this abstract sort of weird entertainer dude but those of us who followed his career from the early days, who were as interested in the man as the music, know that he was so much more.

The Michael Jackson I loved was probably the greatest humanitarian of all time. He gave, freely, to so many causes. This world is better because he was here. The ugliness that surrounded him often overshadowed the beauty and sensitivity of the soul that lurked underneath and it was that soul that I miss and mourn.

Michael Jackson was the world. He gave more than any other entertainer to charity and is in the Guinness Book of World Records for that. He participated in humanitarian efforts, he left 20% of his estate to charity.

But he looked different. He acted differently. The meanest and nastiest people found ways to try to destroy his reputation, picking at him bit by bit like the mean school yard bullies pick at the nerd who can't catch a ball yet somehow manages to make the bully feel inferior. And he was ultimately cleared on all charges, they found NOTHING in his home to indicate any guilt of any crime. He spent his life giving away his money, giving his time and occasionally his life was infested by those who spent their lives taking. It happens and it's what happened to Michael.

And then, to make the storm just perfect, he was murdered. The world lost its best and brightest because the person entrusted with his life was one of those takers. The man needed help and support, not medicine, not anesthetics. I'm really pissed off about that. There was so much more he could have done.

I was fortunate recently to be included in an Anthology by Lorette C. Lucajic called goodbye Billie Jean; the meaning of Michael Jackson. I was interviewed by a documentary film maker about Michael Jackson and he asked me what it was that I saw in Michael Jackson and I replied "Peace."

Perhaps that might strike you as an odd answer, most people see the demons around him, the hurt and pain but when I looked into those eyes I saw nothing but pure and unadulterated peace, not because that was what he felt, but because it was what he wished for the world and it radiated like a beacon from his heart and soul. And I'm angry that the beacon was snuffed out to line a greedy man's pocket.

Someday I might feel some sort of compassion for this man who was so misguided as to kill Michael Jackson, but for now I'm not quite that enlightened. I'm really pissed off and I think I'll wallow in it for a while.

Meanwhile, pop off to You Tube and donate OR buy the download of the video and/or song from iTunes. Haiti still needs help and will for a long time. Don't forget Haiti, don't ever forget. Michael wouldn't have!

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Kerry said…
Totally agree.

Michael Jacksons life was under the spotlight in every aspect. And once again, just because someone is a little bit different, doesn't do what is considered "normal" and has the courage to live his life the way he wants to (within the boundaries of severe scrutiny) he was ridiculed.
Totally ridiculous, and just goes back to my high school days of being bullied because i was different. Its wrong in every way.
What does it take for people to realize what their words and actions that are so negative actually do to those on the receiving end?
The man will never be forgotten, just such a terrible loss to the world that his life was cut too short.
Thank you Kerry. You know if he had just died I probably would have seen it as tragic and still been sad but the fact that he was murdered(I probably should say allegedly but Michael was never shown that sort of deference)makes me really angry. Not only was he robbed of his life, the world was robbed of one of its greatest lights. I haven't watched the movie yet because I don't think I'm ready to face it quite yet. It will make me even angrier I think.
RNSANE said…
It was especially sad that he died at a time when he was about to make a comeback after being hidden away from the world for so long. We were all so excited about this. My heart broke that a physician, one who is supposed to be a healer, was responsible for Michael's demise.

As for Haiti, that country will need help for many years to come. We simply cannot forget the great need there.
It is truly tragic and horrific...I am still stunned. We can follow his example of giving, however...and so continue his legacy. Love, Janine XO