I think I can do this! With my writing partner.

I've started my second novel.  It's been semi-outlined for a while but now I've started the actual writing.  This is a completely different book than my romantic love story that is scheduled for August release.  This book is a dark story, full of morals and themes of course, but there is some unpleasantness, murder, crime and it's high suspense.  Think "if Stephen King was a poet."  I always joke that I'm as good as Stephen King-just not at writing.

I love this story.  I feel like it's original and worth writing.  But for a while I wondered if I could actually do it justice.  Now that the writing has started, guess whose back?  My muse.  Until recently I didn't realise that a lot of people actually name their muse or actually feel their presence as a real entity.  I've also discovered that most women writers have a female muse and most male writers have a male muse.  I had to be different, I have a male muse.  He's handsome, exciting, passionate, alive, creative and sometimes I read what I've written and understand that I didn't do it at all, it was all him.  So I've named him, well actually he already had a name, but I won't share it here.

Now we writers, we're not completely nuts(just mostly).  The muse is simply inspiration and writing in inspiration is a little like magic.  As humans we personify everything we cannot explain.  Inspiration literally means "in spirit" so there is some magic involved.  Yes the craft is important.  You have to be able to spin the tale, you have to smithy the words and hammer the hot forge of analogy and simile.  You have to be able to write reasonable and believable dialogue, you have to be able to describe a scene that transports your readers and you have to be able to come up with a story people want to read.

Then there is inspiration.  That unexplained bit of magic where a twist in the story you didn't expect dawns on you as you walk the dog and you rush home to take notes, where you suddenly see the scene where the characters are as though you are there with them or at least their God looking down on them.  That is inspiration and it's what makes a story transcend. It's what separates fiction from great fiction. It's my favourite part of the process.

Anyway, I've missed my writing partner, he who shall remain nameless, and it's good to be working with him again!  He's got some great ideas for this story and I think we'll do it justice with time and trust.  I think the full moon is his ride home.

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April said…
Oh yes, I'm sure your muse is handsome and in fine form. Good writing, and I can't wait to read this one!!!
Thanks April. I'm having a lot of fun with this! First draft and only 5000 words so far but I think this one will go a little easier simply because I know more to start and it'll be more organised from the beginning.
Shadow said…
happy writing, breeze and friend!
Heather Awad said…
I've always felt that the inspiration was God telling me, "Okay, time to write again." Like I'm being pushed, but in a gentle way. Whether it's magic, God, or spirit guide, I'm happy when it comes! Enjoy writing the new book - sounds very exciting!