Her Journey

Her Journey

The path weaving into the future
tempts the wanderer to stray from the cleaving
yet she yields her machete neat and carves her own trail.
Stumbling, she hacks at the overgrowth of cynicism
leaving discarded foliage and tracks
never considering her attempt would fail.

Outcome is never a consideration
even when she attempts to cross the raging river
the path, while not obvious, is resplendent
and she carries on to the clearing
steadfast though her body wearies
into a destination that is transcendent.

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Debbie said…
love this..she knows she will succeed!
The first three lines was a poetry challenge...you have to rhyme one word in the first sentence with the last word in the second...but me, being an overachiever and loving the theme...add to it..three more times..it's a fantastic rhythm :) I really like this one myself and I don't often say that about my own work.
Karen Mrs. T said…
Nice piece, to me it says "NEVER give up"