The Power of You; Breeze on the Radio!

The next adventure is almost here and a new one for me is radio! I am honoured to be a guest on Blog Talk Radio's The Power of You with the fantastic host Kimberly Banks!

I have never been on the radio so this is a new experience for me. Not once, no even to call in and say the magic phrase or the top 4 countdown to be entered in a draw for a trlp. I think I may have requested a song once, but I'm not sure.

Kimberly Banks, the host of The Power of You Radio show is a world-renowned artist, writer, storyteller, author and motivational speaker. She is also a teacher and in 1999 she founded PLP Media Group, which later gave birth to Heartistic Motivation with Kimberly Banks™ Her recent release of Let Go of Your But!, and Ascensions; Whispers of my Soul: Vol. 1, give readers a glimpse of her contemporary style of wisdom, guidance and intuition.

Kimberly, a native of Los Angeles, California feels it is her mission to empower women to pursue their dreams and goals in order to manifest the truth that resides at the core of their being. Through her company she offers a variety of services all designed to help women discover and embrace the role they play in the divine order of life.

As I read through her bio on her website she describes her radio show as " a platform to partner with other holistic practitioners, leaders, motivational speakers and entrepreneurs who can provide inspiration and key information that will be useful in encouraging women around the world to pursue the life to which they aspire."

I look forward to talking with Kimberly on Monday as we share many of the same ideals although our dreams go in different directions. I hope you join us at 6pm EST to listen to our conversation.


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Debbie said…
how exciting!!!!! can't wait to hear how it goes!
Deepanjan Ghosh said…
Wow! That sounds really exciting! Welcome to my world!
Kerry said…
Awesome....GO YOU!!!!!!!

that is very exciting news...