Heart break for Haiti

Some of you may remember my post for Haiti a few weeks back immediately after the earthquake. I introduced you then to Tammy Babcock who is now on the ground there.

I just received another update from Tammy and my heart breaks all over again. It just never seems like enough. I donate money, Give whatever is required that I have and it feels like it's simply not enough. The need is so great.

Here is a part of her report. (She arrived in Haiti on January 28th and has been giving sporadic reports as communications are still hit and miss).

Downtown Port Au Prince is worse than my words can describe. The devastation is endless and the stench is something no one can withstand for too long. There are construction crews everywhere and people digging through the rubble to find anything worth salvaging. We took one of our young security staff from Cite Soleil with us that day and for the first in his life he had the opportunity to see the palace… I’m not sure how strongly it affected him, but I can’t imagine seeing the power building of my country destroyed, and how discouraging and empty that would make me feel. When I turned to see his expression, his face was covered in a mask and his beautiful brown eyes just peered into mine. I put my hand on his knee and said to him “Kenken, we can only get better and become stronger from this experience” knowing myself that it couldn’t get any worse. Jai made a good point when she stated.. the only thing worse would be if someone was actually responsible for it.. meaning an attack and not a natural disaster."

The loss for the people devastating, the bravery of those who are down there helping is not to be underestimated. The city is in ruins and grief and shock are still the overwhelming emotions of those who have survived. Imagine if every single individual in your region lost one or more loved-ones in a disaster. It's the grief-stricken consoling the grief-stricken.

So what can we do? I post this here again, a reminder that help is still required. Perhaps someone will donate, perhaps someone will tweet this post and it will move along and the financial aid will at least multiply.

Meanwhile...if nothing else..peace, love and prayers can be sent to all in any moment in time. My continued support for Tammy and her work continues and hope that she and her crew remain safe as the carry on with their remarkable mission.

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Cheryl said…
Hi Breeze, thanks for being one of the first to read my blog entry.
My heart bleeds for the people of Haiti and I wonder where to from here?
My love and prayers to all involved. May God Bless Tammy and her crew and keep them safe.
RNSANE said…
The tragedy in Haiti is never very far from my mind. I am so sad about all the suffering these poor people are experiencing day in and day out, especially the little ones. I know there is some progress being made there but it seems only minute with the amount of destruction that was done by the quake and the lack of resources with which to cope.
Sylvia said…
It is amazing and in every sense overwhelming. You are right to remind us of this sad and shocking happening and of the people who so desperately need our support. I wish I could go there and help. Our prayers are with them every day.
Debbie said…
it is so hard to feel so hopeless!! We do not have much to donate..my children and I did sponsor a child...its something! BUT so small in the HUGE scope of all this!!
prashant said…
May God Bless Tammy and her crew and keep them safe.

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