Fan Mail? For Me?

Lovely and thoughtful Janine has a copy of and has read my poetry book and was kind enough to send me beautiful card. I was having a wacky, the full moon is waning and making me crazy kind of day and then I went to the mailbox.

She said, among other things "You have such an extraordinary command of language and paint such beautiful and vivid imagery. It is truly a pleasure and pure delight to read and witness the dance of your words upon the page." Isn't that beautiful?

What a treasure this is! I will keep it forever as a reminder of you and your thoughtfulness. It is also a great reminder that a little random act of kindness really does cheer a person up! I so appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule and making such a wonderful gesture! It has been a long time since I've received a handwritten note from anyone so it's wonderful for that reason as well.

I hope I never lose the sense of wonder and excitement this journey is bringing me. Every new adventure, every kindness, all of the wonderful people alone the path make up for every stumbling block, every doubt, every struggle. Life is good when you are truly living your purpose. Thanks for the reminder Janine.

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RNSANE said…
I agree that it is so nice to still get a handwritten note. I second everything that Janine had to say. Your talent is beyond belief. When people tell me one of my poems is good, I now think, "Oh, no, it doesn't compare to Breeze's."
Your poetry is beautiful :) You work on getting that book put's an amazing feeling!

Unknown said…
It's really nice when people take the time to do stuff like that. It's good to know there are such thoughtful people in the world!