There are weepers that cry
and weepers that wail
yet do nothing but wipe away tears
There are screamers who yell
and screamers who care
and bravely stand up to their fears

There are lovers that love
and lovers that lust
and hearts that break clear in half
There are swimmers that swim
and sunners that sun
and never jump off of their raft

There are givers who take
and givers who give
anonymous hearts made of gold
There are buyers who buy
and buyers that sell
and those who watch business unfold

There are soldiers that fight
who are brave in the night
while others watch home flags unfurl
There are dreamers who dream
and doers who do
but the dreamers that do change the world

There's a spark in each human
a bright precious light
that burns in the way that it should
There are means to an end
that are well justified
as long as the source of it's good.

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Debbie said…
love this!! beautiful!!!!!
Cam said…
Yes, I agree with Debbie!
Shadow said…
such is the complexity of humanity...
The Queen said…
what a beautiful poem!
~The Queen!!