Six Word Motto

A While ago on an online forum I am a member of someone, posted a question, "What is your six word motto?"

The idea was to come up with six words that described your philosophy, ideals, meaning of life, as you believed it to be.

It was a wonderful question and the answers were as varied as the people on the board.

I was thinking about it today and thought I'd ask here, what is your six word motto?

And to be fair I guess I should post mine. It was the answer I gave and it was also my signature on the board for a long while after that. It still applies, I have nothing new to add to it. It was:

Easy come, easy go, walk on.

The last post was about my dad but I'm realising that this motto was likely his motto as well. He just didn't sweat the little things and to be perfectly honest, he didn't sweat the big things all that much either. He was about as calm as a human being can be. Not perfect, yet perfect in many ways.

The practice of walking on...inspite of what comes and goes, has served me well. I learned to walk on when I lost my father and I've walked well because of the lessons he taught with the way he lived.

I think I'll hang on to this motto for a while longer. Attaching to things that are variable and ever-changing is a pointless endeavor. Yep, gotta walk on.

So, everybody, What is your six word motto?

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April said…
I really love your six word motto. The six words say a lot! I'm mulling over my motto now.
Shadow said…
heee heee heee, you're gonna have to give me a few days too...
Molly Potter said…
Mine would be ONE of the following

*Happily stepping off the main road
*Against the grain, round the bend
*Transcend pettiness - it does not matter
*Finally comfortable in my own skin
*Communication can sort most things out
*Let go, be fluid, explore well
*There is always pleasure in creativity
*The rule book is not always right!!!!!

Am I allowed to do that?
Cam said…
Just go with the flow, Cam.

I have to remind myself of that one often...