Hockey Day in Breezie World and the News.

It all started early when the nephew of a hockey legend pumped my gas this morning. Then I went slowly through the snow to Stratford to work for Rogers. I didn't know much about the story so I met the producer at the studio and she told me it was an event for Hockey Day in Canada at a local high school.

So off we went and how exciting. Being a hockey fan I was delighted to find out we'd be interviewing a few of hockey celebrities including Wendel Clarke and Dennis Maruk. What a thrill. Growing up Wendel Clarke was a popular player for the Toronto Maple Leafs. I remember my cousin Norman was a huge fan of his though being a Bruin's fan myself I never jumped on that bandwagon.

Still it was thrilling surround by these greats. In addition to the interviews I got to tease my husband with the fact that Cassie Campbell, Olympic gold medal women's hockey champion was also among the celebs at the event. The host of Hockey Night in Canada, Ron McLean was also there among several others.

So it was a thrilling day for me. Having already met Darryl Sittler, I just have Bobby Orr and I'll be a complete and happy hockey fan.

That's it for the sports, on with the news now.

Things are moving along with my plans for the book release including a delivery of a box of books that I missed today and will miss again tomorrow because I have to be out of town. There is a delivery charge so I'm leaving them a cheque hoping it'll do and they will leave the books outside. Meanwhile a television interview is in the works(this time I'm on the other side of the mike) and ads will hit the paper the two Wednesdays before the event. Let's hope some people show up!

I signed up for a creative writing course online and it's going well, in fact my mentor called my latest lesson a "work of art." Best of all I think it's going to be my third novel. Historical romance, fictional with a basis in history. It should be's fun to think about. The class is helping and I'm using the exercises to work on my current novel.

And that book, which seems to have the new working title of "Rare Moon" currently instead of Indigo, is going well. I think the new title works but we shall see. It may change again. It is a little close to the Stephenie Meyers work "New Moon."

The last bit of news is that the nutritional program I set up for the school seems to be off to a fantastic start. Tomorrow is day three and it's going great! I even had a parent thank me today for starting it up. I'm off to Ikea to buy dishes for the program to cut down on the use of disposables and meeting with a friend down there for lunch! So another great day tomorrow ending with beer with friends at the local pub.

So maybe next time I'll post something less of a me post..but sometimes when you are bursting with excitement you have to let some of it out!

Thanks for listening friends!

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Debbie said…
everything sounds great! SO happy for you and all that is happening in your life!!!
Debbie said…
did my comment come through?
Yeah...thanks Debbie. Life is good :)
RNSANE said…
My goodness, you are on a whirlwind! Such excitement in your life, Breeze, and it all sounds so wonderfully positive. This month will be a full year since my job loss and I am still in the doldrums. I am hoping I might get my poetry chap book published, at least, but the dollars are so short, I cannot even catch up on bills.

All the best to you with the writing. I love your poetry book and am so fortunate to have won it.
I am on a whirlwind but it's a good one! Great things are happening here and I'm floating along enjoying them. Time to move out of the doldrums..this is the time for opportunity...if you publish your book let me know..I'll buy a copy :)